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Pallet trucks for harsh environments

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article image Suitable for dock work, transportation, staging and order picking.

CROWN Equipment has released the PE 4000 series of pallet trucks, engineered to survive in harsh industrial applications. They are suitable for dock work, transportation, staging and order picking. A number of structural enhancements protect the pallet truck against damage and wear all around the truck as well as underneath the truck.

The large drive unit provides a high level of durability. The integrated design has top and bottom mounting, a horizontally mounted drive motor, large spur gears, a splined axle shaft and a drive tyre supported on both sides. Durable steel doors provide protection against unexpected damage to costly internal components such as electronic controls, motors and pumps.

The one-piece heavy gauge steel fork assembly is manufactured for maximum strength and can handle loads of up to 4000kg for many years. Additional steel structures are placed in critical stress areas under the forks, preventing premature fatigue.

The lift linkage system has steel construction throughout, including a large, heavy tension bar to prevent buckling in the event of a severe impact when travelling forks first. The wear plates are constructed from T1 steel, the same type of steel used in bulldozer blade tips. They are designed to protect the critical components underneath the truck. A 13-inch drive tyre ensures a smooth ride and sure handling of heavy loads. The entry/exit system can take a constant pounding over many years.

The floor mat has an integral skin, open cell foam composition to reduce back stress, discomfort and fatigue by stimulating leg muscles and improving blood circulation of the operator. This boosts productivity and enhances operator safety by providing stability over many types of surfaces, including uneven ones.

The control handle is designed for walking or riding during multi-tasking applications. It uses robust aluminium castings throughout. It provides maximum levels of hand protection and durability and reduces the possibility of hand damage in the event of unintentional contact with fixed objects such as trailer walls or rack structures. Ergonomic controls allow the operator to maintain high speed without a fixed hand position for long distance transport. This gives more freedom of movement.

QuickCoast controls give operators of any height the ability to choose a comfortable handle position. The dual-switch system is designed to prevent unintentional truck movement if the controls are accidentally engaged.

Optional equipment includes a battery roll-out system, load wheel options, storage and shrink-wrap trays, load backrest and a torsion bar with quick-adjust casters.

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