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New hosted InfoLink offering from Crown Equipment

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article image The wireless forklift fleet and operator management system delivers actionable data to help warehouse managers maximise productivity

Crown Equipment has moved its proven InfoLink fleet management system to the cloud to offer customers flexibility and new capabilities for managing their forklift fleet and operators.

One of the world’s largest materials handling companies, Crown Equipment announced its Crown InfoLink fleet management system has evolved to a hosted solution that will allow the software to be easily scaled to meet the customer’s growing needs.

A wireless forklift fleet and operator management system that delivers actionable data to help warehouse managers maximise productivity, the InfoLink system enables a flexible approach to fleet and operator management by offering a two-tier platform that aligns with customer needs and challenges, and provides multiple paths to forklift fleet optimisation depending upon organisational priorities and budgets.

Crown InfoLink’s Standard plan provides an entry point for companies by offering basic fleet and operator management features, including operator authorisation for equipment use, impact detection and alerts, along with real-time equipment status. 

The Advantage plan offers companies the ability to track operator productivity, manage planned and unplanned maintenance, and optimise energy resources including battery changes and fuel usage, in addition to the basic fleet management features.

Jim Gaskell, director of global Crown Insite products, Crown Equipment explains that the forklift is quickly becoming the most advanced piece of equipment that touches every part of the warehouse. The sophisticated on-board technology is improving operator productivity and enabling connectivity that helps to provide greater visibility into the warehouse environment, operator productivity and product movement.

Crown InfoLink helps companies use actionable information to make better business decisions and achieve better return on investment. The new two-tier platform makes it easier for organisations to get started with fleet management. For instance, depending on a customer’s needs, they may be able to enjoy fleet management capabilities for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per day, per forklift.

Clemens Food Group, a prominent meat processing company based in Hatfield, Pa., evaluated several fleet management systems before deciding to deploy Crown InfoLink for its fleet of 230 forklifts.

According to Mike Bracrella, director of maintenance, Clemens Food Group, some of the features of the software moved InfoLink to the top of the list of systems being evaluated by the company. Factors such as the software being actually developed by a forklift provider, ease of use, broad range of information provided, and flexibility of using the system with a mixed fleet were perceived as advantages. 

Crown InfoLink, which is a part of the Crown Insite Productivity Suite allows customers to monitor and manage the efficient use of their forklift fleet and total operations by delivering actionable data through content-rich, interactive dashboards that help fleet managers focus on real opportunities and avoid wasted time deciphering mounds of data. 

The wireless system provides decision makers fleet-wide visibility into an array of operator and fleet information such as battery usage, impact history, truck utilisation, OSHA compliance, service needs and more through a user-friendly interface.

The secure, wireless solution supports existing and future WLAN, is compliant with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless standards and supports a variety of security encryption protocols. Crown InfoLink offers robust security features, including username and password requirements for data access, and SSL protocol protection. Forklift operator access is managed through keypad codes or ID cards, and managers control permission for each individual or group.

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