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New Pallet Trucks from Crown Equipment

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With the release of its new WT 3000 Series, Crown Equipment has raised the bar in pallet truck design, safety, comfort and performance.  

According to Craig Kenchington, General Manager Marketing at Crown, pallet trucks are the somewhat overlooked workhorses of the materials handling industry.  

“Whilst most facility managers place great emphasis on safety, comfort and performance when it comes to lift trucks and their operators, few realise that these same benefits should be business and OH&S considerations for pallet trucks as well. Pallet trucks account for around thirty percent of all electric trucks sold, so we are talking big numbers of vehicles, operators and pallet moves,” said Mr Kenchington.  

The new WT 3000 Series of pallet trucks has the qualities needed for a vehicle to work day in, day out in punishing conditions including ultra-tough design, unique durability and outstanding ergonomics.

Inside the WT 3000, carefully designed components help to minimise running costs over the life of the vehicle.  

By significantly reducing the shaking and vibration, the new suspension system – combined with Crown’s revolutionary zero-maintenance e-Gen braking system – cuts service levels, minimises downtime for repairs and keeps trucks running for longer.

In the WT 3000 Series, Crown’s patented FlexRide system reduces vibration by up to 80%, the floating suspension system reduces operator fatigue as well as obviates knee and back pain, while the shock-absorbing suspension smoothes out uneven floors so operators no longer have to slow down when crossing ramps, boards or sills.  

The result is faster loading and unloading – and higher productivity all round.

Working closely with end-users, Crown was able to research specific needs in depth and then develop innovative features that fully satisfied those needs.  

For example, fixed platform models are fitted with Crown’s patented Entry Bar Safety Switch, which brings the vehicle to a full stop if the operator’s foot moves outside the platform perimeter – a major safety enhancement.  

Even operational aspects that don’t seem obvious at first glance have been addressed, such as the Quick-Exit side restraints on the folding-platform model that reduce the number of steps operators must take to walk round the truck. It all adds up to a safe and convenient operating environment.

The combination of all of these features is, according to Crown a decisive contribution to improving productivity and efficiency in the warehouse and on the loading dock.

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