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Lift trucks with lifting and travelling speeds

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article image Travel speeds are automatically reduced if travelling forks first or with the load above a certain height.

CROWN Equipment has released the RR 5285 rider reach truck. It is capable of fast lift speeds, fast travel speeds and fast acceleration using ac drive motors. It also has a good lifting capacity at high elevations while retaining operator control and comfort.

Several aspects of its operation adjust automatically in response to information from the its sensors and monitors. Travel speeds are automatically reduced if travelling forks first or with the load above a certain height. Lifting speeds are also reduced depending on the load weight and before reaching full height.

Crown's integrated control system detects what height the truck is at and whether the unit is loaded or empty. Performance profiling allows speeds to be set at one of three different settings and coded for different operators.

There are several options that can be added for those businesses that consider their pallet and stock handling operations to be in the very high volume bracket with fast turnaround pressures.

Among these options is a capacity monitor monitors the approximate load weigh and indicates the maximum height to which the load can be raised. This keeps operators and floor staff safe while ensuring stock is handled without damage.

Rack height select and tilt positioning options improve load handling tasks at greater heights. The rack height select option allows the operator to choose a desired rack level on the display. It will take the forks to within 25mm of the preselected height.

The unit's side stance has padded surfaces, a suspended floorboard and thermal management. These features maximise operator control, flexibility and productivity.

A multitask control handle gives operators more stability and supports faster load handling by blending tasks such as travel, lift and reach. The design makes the completed range of reach truck functions easier for operators to learn and use. Hydraulic functions such as lift, reach and sideshift are variable to provide precise, smooth control.

The driver has an excellent view of the forks during operation. This is achieved by combining nested mast rails, efficient component routing, bevelled edges on the overhead guard and specially angled tie bars.

Variable side stance facilitates 360º visibility without interrupting control point orientation during travel and load handling tasks. It also eliminates awkward or unsafe positioning of the fore/aft stance.

Tilt position assist provides the ability to achieve a perfect 90º angle with the fork tynes, increasing efficiency and reducing stock and racking damage. This is particularly useful at heights.

Work assist tools are also available. These include worklights, fans, fire extinguishers and data terminal mounts.

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