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Lift truck tailored to foundry application

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article image The modified CGC18S lift truck.

TYCO Environment Systems has commissioned a tailored Crown lift truck to replace an old machine in the most challenging sector of its manufacturing plant.

Tyco turned to Crown to meet its updated lift truck needs in transporting molten aluminium from furnace to moulds and presses.

The requirements - which Crown met with a modified CGC18S LPG powered lift truck - included rotating forks, a tight turning circle to manoeuvre around the factory, ease of handling and ergonomic controls, good operator visibility, and solid rubber tyres.

As drivers are often carrying heavy loads, oil-cooled disc brakes - a unique system from Crown - allows the same foot pressure to be used whether the lift truck is fully laden or empty.

Overall braking consistency is maintained regardless of how quickly the vehicle is moving.

With 200 employees at its Milperra plant, Tyco Environment Systems manufactures air valves for dust collection and pollution control monitoring systems that are predominantly exported to markets in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Tyco purchasing manager Chris Symonds said the requirements had to function reliably over two shifts a day, seven days a week.

"About 80% of our business is for export markets and hence our lift truck needs to avoid unscheduled maintenance for us to service this client base," Mr Symonds said.

"Our operators are handling 250kg loads of molten aluminium - potentially a very dangerous substance - hence the safety aspects of the Crown CGC18S were of paramount importance.

"We needed significant lift capacity and special fork attachments to safely lift a cauldron full of molten aluminium at 400°C, carry it to various positions around the factory, and rotate this cauldron so as to pour the molten stock where and when required before it has cooled.”

Mr Symonds said Tyco manufacturing plants had world class safety standards so it was important that the lift truck met this requirement without compromising operator comfort or control for the operator.

"The ability of the Crown unit to negotiate a tight turning circle has given us a major handling advantage as any extra space is valuable when handling molten metal.

"Just as importantly, in some sections of this compound the Crown CGC18S comes close to the heat of furnaces, hence we required Crown to replace pneumatic tyres with solid rubber wheels to negate any potential problems.

"The unit even has a safety flashlight to make it more obvious to personnel and a reverse beeper for when it travels in reverse," he added.

Crown Equipment's CGC Series of lift trucks has a rugged design to meet demands of constant loading and unloading of heavy equipment.

Available in large capacity petrol/LPG and diesel engines, models in this series have plenty of power but do not sacrifice fuel efficiency.

With oil-cooled disc brake options, dual element air cleaners and powershift transmissions it can provide long lasting performance even in harsh, dusty conditions.

Capacities range from 1500kg to 15,000kg and lift heights up to 7.5 metres. Optional solid, cushioned tyres - such as those implemented at Tyco - are suitable for outdoor or indoor operation where a high level of stability and manoeuvrability is essential.

Stubby head length can be up to 300mm shorter than other types of lift trucks and greater capacities at high lift heights provide greater warehouse versatility.

New eco-friendly gas engines and catalytic converter options reduce harmful emissions.

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