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Lift truck for European style warehousing

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article image Largest model handles loads up to 2000kg.

CROWN Equipment has released a new sit-down moving-mast reach truck, the ESR4500, to the Australian, SE Asian and New Zealand markets, to suit an emerging shift in this world region towards European style warehousing solutions. It uses ac motors for increased speed and faster lifting/lowering rates whilst using less energy in the process.

High torque in the traction, lift and steering motors provides for smooth hydraulic transition and with ac power the unit is virtually maintenance free. The ESR4500 has a variety of models, with the largest developed to handle loads up to 2000kg with mast heights of up to 11.4m. An offset mast design provides good visibility at all levels.

Soft Lift allows a smooth start when lifting or lowering and Soft Stop avoids abrupt stopping at the end of the lift stroke by slowing down the lift speed 30cm before it reaches the maximum fork height.

The optional Rack Height Select function is used to program the level at which the forks are to stop for hundreds of individual locations. The Tilt Position Assist function allows the fork tilt to stop automatically at the horizontal position. Both options eliminate any dangerous guessing.

The ESR4500 is equipped with speed-sensitive steering to increase manoeuvrability in tight spaces by significantly reducing the need to turn the wheel constantly when travelling slowly. The unit has 3 different performance settings to meet the needs of the operator or application.

The truck is mainly constructed of steel, with minimal use plastic or sheet metal on cosmetic features. The chassis is a one-piece construction designed for heavy loads and the battery is protected from side impacts.

Access 1 2 3 diagnostic technology is designed to minimise maintenance costs. It immediately pinpoints a fault and uses a two line LCD screen in the cabin to show where it is and what should be done. It discerns if the problem is electrical, hydraulic or mechanical, thereby eliminating guesswork and doing away with service manuals.

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