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High speed reach truck with offset mast

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article image Crown’s ESR 4000 reach truck.

CROWN has developed its ESR 4000 reach truck series with design features dedicated to operators needing tangible productivity returns over long term shifts.

This unit uses advanced high-torque technology to deliver extremely fast truck travel and lift/lower functions, equating to as much as 40 minutes saved over an average eight hour shift.

Crown's executive director sales & marketing in the Asia Pacific Region, Glenn Pulley, says all this is achieved without sacrificing power when used on ramps and rough floors, while retaining maximum operator visibility at all times.

"What Crown has engineered for the ESR4000 Series is a unique offset mast to achieve better visibility around the mast when positioning pallets on racks as well as visibility to the fork tips during pallet pickup," said Mr Pulley.

"This offset mast has specially designed overhead guard and angled mast tie bars to provide around 38% more visibility than with typical reach truck designs, leading the way in its class.

"Operator efficiency is further optimised both on and around the truck by responsive controls that are easy to use and allow ergonomic operator positioning for faster, smoother load handling."

Across the ESR 4000 range, load capacities range from 1400kg to 2000kg. Standard equipment includes Crown's Integrated Control System with Access 1-2-3 that provides reliable performance and simplified service.

Its three enclosed modules collectively control display panel functions, hydraulics (steering, lift, hydraulic accessories) and traction braking, effectively allowing them to communicate with one another and with the truck's automated fault detection system.

This reduces the number of possible troubleshooting paths, quickly pinpointing the problem to the exact component involved, however small that part may be.

On ESR 4000 reach trucks, Crown's Integrated Control System with Access 1-2-3 also provides instant information when needed for troubleshooting - a detailed information source for service technicians to immediately know where the problem is, what it is, and what the associated components do.

During operation, only the right thumb is needed to work the direction switch, therefore leaving the fingers free to operate the hydraulic controls.

Information display contains details on the truck's operating status, a battery discharge indicator, and travel direction indicator.

Tailoring to each driver, a comfortable seat can be adjusted to suit the operator's weight and the seat can be adjusted laterally, on the seat pad, and the backrest. This provides a comfortable operator position where the left foot rests relaxed on the power pedal.

Meanwhile, the right foot operates an 'automotive' accelerator/brake pedal arrangement while the right leg is comforted by ergonomically positioned padding for the knee and hip areas.

Standard equipment includes ac drive motor technology with closed control circuit, brush wear and over-temperature indicators, on-demand hydrodynamic steering, tilting steer column, thumb-operated travel direction switch, battery discharge indicator, hour-meters for monitoring operating components, travel direction indicator, and four separate braking systems.

Optional equipment includes long-drop forks, function for add-on attachments, steer wheel position indicator, lift cut-out with/without override switch, integrated lift height and load weight indicator, free lift indicator, overhead guard modifications, light packages, chill storage conditioning, cold storage conditioning, travel alarm, colour camera system and an 820Ah battery compartment.

To further enhance visibility, mast cross bracing and overhead guard bracing have been angled and hose and chain rollers have been cantered. A load backrest for maximum visibility is also standard.

Spring dampers are located in the fork carriage to reduce noise while staging and the lifting speed is decreased before reaching the lift limit.

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