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Crown Equipment is on a roll this year, celebrating both 40 years of building trucks in Australia, and training over 25,000 drivers throughout the country.

The lift-truck company has run a dedicated forklift truck driver training centre for the past 13 years, and has continually added to its courses to ensure it remains one of the relevant resources for the training of new drivers and refreshment of existing driver knowledge and skills.

Drivers have to go through a written exam in the classroom, before sitting down and getting their hands on the machines at Crown’s dedicated training facility at its Smithfield, NSW, premises.

Since 1996, Crown has had over 25,000 drivers come through its doors to learn how to safely drive forklift trucks. Once they have completed their training at the training centre, Crown follows it up with on-site training, using the vehicles their companies own.

Training courses are a blend of lectures, written exams and practical experience at what according to Crown; is Australia’s large, purpose-built lift-truck training facility.

Crown has trained thousands more drivers across Australia than any other lift-truck manufacturer or distributor, as part of tailored program for its customers. Crown believes that all drivers should be given both theoretical and practical instruction, training and assessment before going to work in a warehouse or loading environment.

Crown is one of the few companies in Australia able to tailor programs for customers’ staff anywhere in the country.

Crown has been a major equipment manufacturer, service and training supplier to hundreds of major Australian companies and none typifies its ability to offer a national training program than its work over the last 12 years with Coles.

In the last 12 months alone, Crown has trained in excess of 1,300 Coles’ employees across Australia in locations as distant as Karrratha in northern Western Australia to Hobart in Tasmania.

Crown operates training nationally, utilising a mixture of permanent trainers as well as a network of accredited third party providers to train and assess Coles’ staff.

Crown delivers training to a National standard to any Coles’ branch anywhere in Australia, through a range of public courses and purpose run programs designed specifically for this client and its unique requirements.

To effect this, Crown has a single point of contact for Coles State and National offices when booking and administering training, and also provides a single invoice to Coles National office each month. The training schedule operates via a process and procedure agreed between Coles and Crown Training to aid in the efficient administration of training and continuous process improvement.

Crown’s aim is to ensure that Coles’ staffs are highly trained and up to date with the recent lift trucks designs. The ergonomics of Crown’s trucks create a safe working environment for the staff by having a high level of comfort and room. Training enables operators get the more out of their vehicles, without compromising safety or equipment performance.

In collaboration with Coles, Crown Training has developed many specific training programs to accommodate the diversified range of operations within the Coles group.

Coach Training (an industry-specific train the trainer program) was developed to finely tune the coaching skills of Coles’ employees and qualify them to train other Coles’ employees in the safe operation of a variety of manual handling equipment.

Health and safety remains a prime concern for Crown, and it designs all of its trucks with the safety of the users foremost in the mind. If the drivers are comfortable, then they are able to work more efficiently, which in turn keeps productivity high, and also prevents accidents in the workplace.

Over the past 12 months Coles has engaged Crown to develop operator courses in forklift training and assessment, pedestrian awareness training, and workplace safety to complement traditional driver training.

With an eye of the future, Crown will shortly be introducing new system-monitoring equipment in the trucks, which will allow owners access to full diagnostics of truck usage.

The new technology will allow companies to see if any trucks are being pushed too hard, when a service is due, or if the workplace conditions are impacting on planned maintenance schedules.

This new service and safety enhancement will be the next evolution in lifts trucks and incorporated into Crown’s product line-up.

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