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Food manufacturer stacks double-deep to maintain freshness

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A HIGH-volume logistics operation managed by Linfox for a major food manufacturer has been streamlined using technology incorporated by its lift truck provider, Crown Equipment .

Linfox integrated its warehouse and handling systems with a fleet of Crown lift trucks with specially-extended tynes to maximise storage and reduce the potential for collisions with racking.

“To maximise efficiency with our racking, pallets are arranged four-high in a double-deep configuration, yet the fleet that was previously serving our needs had unsuitable tynes that were often hitting and damaging the racks, causing potential stoppages” according to Des O’Louhglin, Linfox distribution centre manager for the site.

“We upgraded to Crown ESR double-deep reach trucks over the past few months and have seen a dramatic reduction in stock damage by more than 70%.”

“This is primarily due to these new extended forks fitted onto the ESRs. They fit into the pallets slots more efficiently, plus we have supported our lift truck operators with training and given all employees extensive education on the re-configuration of our business.”

“Now there is almost no damage – a phenomenal achievement considering we are moving on average thousands of pallets every day inbound from the ‘A’ manufacturing plant nearby, and about as much per day outbound.”

Currently, 65% of warehouse space is used in a nominally 24/5 operation. In the lead up to Christmas, the chosen maximum of 85% was occupied during which time the distribution centre became a 24/7 operation. The remaining 15% of space is allocated for emergency stock. In total the site has 14,000 pallet spaces.

Crown’s ESR4500 is a sit-down moving-mast reach truck using ac motors for increased speed in travel and lifting/lowering rates. It uses less energy in this process and achieves high torque in the traction.

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