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European specialised stacker lift trucks

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article image The WF 3000 features a sculpted control pod.

CROWN Equipment has released two European models of stacker lift trucks with specific fork-over-straddle configurations to suit a growing demand from Australian industry.

The WF 3000 and WD 2300S do not work with a standard Australian pallet which is a specialisation largely neglected until now, according to Marketing Manager at Crown Equipment, Craig Kenchington.

"The uses for this type of equipment includes applications dealing with stillages, skids and pallets with no bottoms such as those commonly found in the printing industry, postal sortation systems, fabric and textiles industries, and personal effects handling," said Mr Kenchington.

"These are high volume industries with specific stock types and often very high volumes of movement, so a solution was needed.

"Yet despite the specialisation, the WD 2300S unit can still act as a pallet truck when required and can in fact handle two pallets at the same time independently."

WF 3000

Designed for flexibility, each unit in this series handles plastic or wooden pallets, skids, metal containers or wire baskets in congested work areas for a highly efficient material handling solution.

They eliminate clutter, wasted space and inefficiency, while reducing safety risks and the possibility of product damage. Effective cube utilisation allows use of additional floor space. This gives the ability to add valuable office, manufacturing or warehouse space without building or leasing.

Stacking vertically on an organised rack system allows quick access to each individual product, without moving five or six loads to get to the required product. This arrangement helps operators quickly locate and select smaller, individual products for better workflow and more efficiency.

It eliminates the need to move multiple products when the products needed are buried three or more deep. A short turning radius, compact power unit, and centre-mounted tiller with brake override provide extremely good manouevrability.

The WF3000-1.0 has a load capacity of 1000kg, lift heights up to 3900mm and battery capacities up to 180Ah.

The WF 3000-1.2 has a load capacity of 1200kg, lift heights up to 4400mm and battery capacities up to 180Ah.

A centre-mounted tiller that positions the operator a constant distance from the power unit during both right and left hand turns.

Crown's innovative X10 handle simplifies control. The operator benefits from tactile and visual cues to differentiate lift/lower and other control functions. The sculpted control pod is designed to allow operation of raise/lower controls while the handle is in a vertical position.

A unique thumbwheel design provides infinite speed control. To address safety concerns, the auto-reverse switch operates in any handle position.

Other features include a centre-mounted tiller to position the operator a safe distance from the power unit and provides better manoeuverability and visibility, a brake override feature, narrow-aisle manoeuverability, all-round visibility and forward and upward visibility.


The versatile WD2300S series is an ideal lift truck for high density, stock-to-dock applications combining the capability of a stacker, the flexibility of a pallet truck, and the capacity to transport or stack two 1000kg pallets simultaneously.

Also fitted with the X10 handle, the WD 2300S series has an advanced SEM traction control system providing smooth acceleration and regenerative braking. Travel speeds are nearly constant whether driving up or down an incline and regardless of loading.

A ramp hold feature minimises the possibility of unintended reverse travel when brakes are released on an incline. Automatic load/height sensing regulates maximum travel speeds.

A fold-down platform with folding side restraints gives the operator the option of pedestrian operation in congested areas or ride-on operation for more intensive applications with longer travel distances.

Other features include a 24V electrical system with nominal battery capacity to 360Ah emergency disconnect; two-stage brake; a spring applied, electro-magnetically released, suspended floorboard; cushioned side restraints; vulkollan drive tyre; castor wheels and load wheels; tandem load wheels and SBE 160 red connector.

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