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A NEW range of hand pallet trucks from Crown Equipment combines durability with all-round ergonomic features to ensure comfortable use over a long lifespan.

The Crown PTH 50 Series is suited to most industries and provides a high mechanical advantage for floor staff while maintaining OH&S standards.

Models in the PTH 50 Series have a strong, robust frame and linkages for minimal maintenance.

Main features include high durability; 2300kg capacity; 73mm lowered height; articulated steer wheels; low rolling resistance; dual entry/exit system; box section style push rods; C-Channel design of forks; and low service requirements.

The wrap-around safety handle has a thickness and specifically angled shape with regard for ergonomics and fatigue-free operation. Simple strokes of the steering wheel provide up to 127mm lift height and lowering to 75mm, while loads are easily deposited by pulling the convenient three-position lever.

Back pressure from the pump is eliminated by a neutral control position on the PTH 50 Series so the operator can easily and accurately handle the load without fighting the truck. A spring-loaded handle always returns to the vertical position when released.

Mindful that operating surfaces can be uneven, Crown manufactures 177mm steer wheels for good handling and control. These wheels are in an articulated configuration to provide continual and maximum contact with the floor.

To lower rolling resistance and improve product longevity - especially under heavy loads - the PTH 50 models have high quality compounds and bearings that also help maintain quiet operation.

There is a complete product durability aided primarily by a deep, low-profile frame cross brace between the forks. Steel forgings used on the lift link arms.

The hydraulic unit can withstand many thousands of lower/lift cycles. Teflon-impregnated bronze bushings are in the lift structure. Even the bearing and steer axle are protected from side damage by the hubcap.

Dual systems that combine rollers and ramps are provided for both pallet entry and exit. The metal ramps allow the pallet boards to slide onto the rollers that in turn ensure the PTH will virtually glide in and out of any pallet.

Forks are made from C-channel-design formed steel with steel reinforcing members at key stress areas. Standard fork lengths that are available range from 0.9m to 1.8m, while other lengths are also available where necessary.

Overall length of PTH 50 models is only 0.35m above standard length, so it retains a high level of manoeuvrability in small operating spaces.

Optional extras include a skid adapter to increase the lowered height to deal with skids, and a load backrest which can be retrofitted to PTH models already in the field.

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