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Crown’s turret truck in Matex debut

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article image Focus on operator comfort.

THE much awaited TSP 6000, Crown's new turret truck, has finally arrived in Australia. The revolutionary new truck has been much anticipated in the market and will go a long way to increasing Crown's market share.

The TSP 6000 combines many new unique with a focus on operator comfort and performance. The key feature for this is the 'swivel seat' which allows operators to turn 110° for outstanding visibility during put away, retrieved and in aisle transportation.

This unit will provide significant productivity and storage increases for many warehouses and this means cost savings.

Through the use of ac power, Crown is able to enhance the acceleration, travel, lift and lowering speeds. New technology is able to blend many of these functions which also add to productivity.

Operators can travel at the same time as lifting the platform and also the auxiliary mast which saves time on positioning the forks. There is a facility to program the forks to pivot into the racking safely and precisely, thereby saving on rack damage.

However, working at such great heights as 11.6m with load capacities of 1500kgs, can be unsettling for any experienced operator. Crown's engineering coupled with exhaustive testing, has implemented many safety and control features to enable the operator to feel confident whilst working with the TSP 6000. Working securely translates into better efficiency and productivity.

The key to this productivity is Crown's breakthrough Mono Mast which is a single boxed in design with heavy steel ‘I’ beams tied together with massive cross beams giving the truck superior stability in order to avoid twisting and swaying at height which is often the case with competitor turrets.

The new Intelligent Braking System continuously monitors the operator lift height with other key variables and so adjusts braking at all heights to avoid any jolting of the mast and platform when the truck comes to a halt.

After much comparison testing, Crown's analysis resulted in faster speeds all round. The TSP 6000 has top travel speeds of 12km/h vs. 9.5km/h on the many competitor models. This is a 21% advantage. This can be of great benefit when facing long aisles or transporting of stock across the warehouse.

One of the core benefits of using this very narrow aisle unit is that it works in narrow aisles down to 1.8m, and in transfer aisles as low as 4m.

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