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Crown RM 6000S reach trucks redefine machine capabilities

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article image The RM6000S has a low-profile chassis that provides a lower centre of gravity, resulting in increased elevated capacity and increased visibility

The all-new RM 6000S reach trucks from Crown Equipment are setting new industry benchmarks for warehouse designers and managers with enhanced visibility, lift capacity and reach.  

With their new capabilities, Crown RM 6000S reach trucks allow new warehouses to be built up to 15% higher in addition to delivering 30% greater lift capacity coupled with superior levels of vision for operators.   

The RM 6000S is one of the new generation of Crown trucks based on industry research, ergonomic design and technological advancement by the Crown Research and Development team.  

According to Craig Kenchington, General Manager Marketing, Crown Equipment Australia, the new reach trucks break new ground in terms of capacity, visibility and operator efficiency, delivering operational productivity as well as operator safety.  

Maria Schwieterman, product manager, Crown Equipment states that the Crown RM 6000S meets the needs of customers looking to maximise existing space by allowing warehouse managers to gain 15% more pallet positions by simply filling open slots at the top of racks.    

Key features of RM 6000S reach trucks:  

  • Single mono offset mast gives operators virtually unimpeded sight from the ground up 
  • Industry-leading reach of just under 13 metres
  • Delivers up to 450kg more capacity at height
  • Low profile chassis offers a lower centre of gravity
  • Suspended cabin floor offers operators high levels of comfort
  • Crown MonoLift mast allows operators to experience significantly reduced mast sway and twisting resulting in less time waiting for the mast to steady and more time moving loads 
  • Maintenance issues are also addressed by having the lift cylinders, hoses, cable and chain housed within the mast for easy accessibility and protected from the operating environment
  • Regenerative Lowering system on the mast and Regenerative Braking system convert kinetic energy produced to a usable form of energy to extend the run-time of the vehicle
  • Access 123 Comprehensive System Control provides optimum performance via the intelligent coordination of lift truck systems
  • OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control feature monitors truck dynamics and greatly reduces tyre spin during acceleration, plugging and braking
  • AC motor, controller, and drive unit are designed and engineered by Crown specifically for lift truck applications
  • MonoLift mast helps achieve lift height and capacity

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