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Crown InfoLink 3.0 Fleet Management System available from Crown Equipment

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Crown Equipment presents the Crown InfoLink 3.0 a wireless, dashboard-based fleet management system that efficiently delivers operational-critical information to business managers.

The Crown InfoLink 3.0 covers six key areas in forklift, operator and fleet performance: compliance, impacts, productivity, utilisation, energy and service. The Crown InfoLink 3.0 also provides a new option of operator interface compatibility with Windows-based vehicle-mounted computers (VMCs).

Craig Kenchington, General Manager Marketing of Crown Equipment, says InfoLink has continually broken new ground in the technology sector of the material handling industry.

“InfoLink represents the answer to so many previously asked questions such as ‘where are my vehicles’, ‘who is operating them’, and ‘how are they performing’.  The release of version three of this comprehensive fleet management system brings significant advancements in what information can be captured and how it can be displayed, in real time, to warehouse and operations managers.”

Another new feature of Crown InfoLink 3.0 is the ability to prevent ‘information overload’ for managers from the ability to determine reporting parameters.

“Previously, managers were able to see all information as it was transmitted from each vehicle to their computer screens.  Whilst all the information was valuable, it was not all necessary to know at the one time.  What Crown has done with InfoLink 3.0 is to give managers the ability to determine for themselves what is required as a priority and then the ability to drill down to see the granular details if they desire,” says Kenchington.

Crown InfoLink was launched in 2007 by Crown Equipment and has been embedded in over 1800 local vehicles by over 85 Australian companies. The Crown InfoLink 3.0 still retains the original productivity, safety and operational reporting functions in operator certification, collision alerts and component conditions.

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