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Crown FlexSeat from Crown Equipment design focuses on ergonomics and operator comfort

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Crown Equipment has brought modern office technology and comfort to its lift truck seats with its innovative FlexSeat forklift seats. Recently introduced on the new Crown C-5 internal combustion forklift, the Crown FlexSeat foklift's patented design offers superior comfort through an exclusive suspension, responsive back flex and wider seat cushion, resulting in operators being more alert, efficient and comfortable.

Crown's FlexSeat forklift seats provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Inherent suspension that offers a smooth ride without adjustments
  • Back flex that channels jolts and vibrations away from operator
  • Seats that are 10-17 percent wider than competitor’s seats to offer maximize comfort
  • Replaceable components that lower the cost when a seat cover wears out so there is no need to replace entire seat
  • Shoulder cutouts that improve comfort when driving in reverse
During the development of the Crown C-5 forklift, company engineers studied a range of lift truck seats to uncover drivability challenges and conducted numerous ergonomic tests to identify pressure points and areas of discomfort for operators. With the knowledge gained from this research, the engineers designed and built the patented FlexSeat, the widest, most durable and flexible seat on the market. The seat is now standard on the SC 4500, FC 4500 and C-5 Series trucks.

The innovations referred to by Smith include:

  • A polymer spring that allows Crown's FlexSeat forklift seat to flex backward, channeling jolts and vibrations away from the operator and into the shock-absorbing seat. The polymer spring also provides postural relief throughout a work shift;
  • A wide bar on the front of the seat that allows for easy adjustment of the seat from front to back
  • A layer of Dymetrol mesh that eliminates pressure points found on conventional “foam-on-steel” seats and does not “bottom out.” This flexible mesh is located beneath an easily replaceable industrial cover and two inches of high-density foam

“FlexSeat forklift seats are the latest example of how Crown is committed to operator comfort and safety. Because we view the operator’s compartment as their work space, we set out from the beginning to basically develop a technologically advanced office chair,” said Product Manager Andrew Smith. “Most competitor seats have high pressure points resulting in shocks moving through the body of the operator the entire day. Crown has raised the bar on comfort by utilizing innovations in materials and design to reduce those pressure points.”


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