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Logistics solution available from Cross Docks Australia

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Cross Docks Australia  has included AZ Designz into the client list of its new multi user warehouse. The partnership has provided AZ Designz with a logistics solution that solves many of its distribution problems, offering a valuable service that improves efficiency and provides advantages that flow on to its customers.

The logistics service, provided by Cross Docks Australia, has improved order turnaround and supply times for AZ Designz. A dashboard through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), together with Radio Frequency (RF) scan packing technology allowed absolute transparency of inbound and outbound stock movement, inventory availability, order status and any other pertinent information, in real time.

The benefits, offered by Cross Docks Australia, to increase the efficiency of business of AZ Designz include the following:

  • Scan pack technology: Information is sent electronically between all 3 parties involved in the transaction. The reduction of paper based ordering, printing and checking off increases transparency between all parties, reduces errors and improves order reliability.
  • Real-time visibility: The VPN provides real-time access to order and despatch information, so that sales data and other product information can be confidently assessed.
  • Reduced costs: Improved logistics processes eliminate the need for costly couriers, reduce both time delays and the potential for lost documentation that come from manual handling of data.
  • Improved staff utilisation: Administration staff members are freed from performing time consuming tasks like printing off labels and chasing up orders with the warehouse, as well as time spent on the warehouse floor itself.
  • Improved customer service: Improved visibility leads to superior customer service. The sales team have direct access to order status, improving dialogue and providing their customers with up-to-date order information.

Cross Docks Australia provided AZ Designz with a logistics solution that solved many of its distribution problems. With improved efficiency and visibility of its operations, the AZ Designz team can focus on producing and selling its brand of bags knowing the end result will be increased sales and bottom line contribution.

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