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New digital metering system available under Crompton Instruments brand

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A new version of the low profile multi-function Integra 1630 digital metering system (DMS) benefiting from enhanced communication capabilities is now available from Tyco Electronics under the Crompton Instruments brand.

The new Profibus option card fully supports the Profibus DPV1 protocol, developed by Siemens. The Profibus option card seamlessly integrates with Siemens‘ building management systems and other peripherals, providing a cost-effective retro fit or new option in all scale developments.

Profibus option is also available as a plug in accessory for existing Integra 1630 DMS products.

Designed specifically to provide cost-effective measurement for all power monitoring applications, multi-function Integra 1630 digital metering systems provide high accuracy <0.2% measurement, display and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters, including true RMS system values, individual current demand, user programmable system type and elapsed time counter for connected loads.

Integra 1630 DMS’s low profile makes it ideal for use in switchgear applications but the device has also been designed for use in distribution systems, generator sets, control panels, energy and building management as well as utility power monitoring. Further applications of the Integra 1630 DMS include process control, motor monitoring, ground power units and embedded generation.

The DIN 96 panel mounted Integra 1630 DMS benefits from a user-programmable system configuration as well as programmable VT and CT ratios. Once configured, simultaneous monitoring of up to 35 electrical and power parameters can be communicated via pulsed or Modbus outputs, allowing enhanced status information of up to 60 measured parameters to be communicated into building management systems. High contrast red LED displays clearly show each measured parameter.

If a low profile measurement within the panel is required, a removable bezel is supplied to extend the product forward, reducing rear panel depth.

Additionally, a simple Windows-based software package is available to remotely configure, monitor and communicate all 60 major electrical and power quality parameters.

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