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article image DINtegra 1260 digital metering system

Multifunction DINtegra 1260 digital metering system from Crompton Instruments provides programmable measurement, display and communication of up to 50 major electrical and power quality parameters including true rms system values, total harmonic distortion and power quality data.

This DIN ril mounted enclosure offers a simple menu-driven user interface on the front panel allowing all parameters to be displayed. DINtegra 1260 DMS also benefits from optional pulsed outputs, digital inputs and digital communication (Modbus RTU). This allows enhanced status information of the measured parameters to be communicated to SCADA, building management or other systems.


The multifunction DINtegra 1260 DMS offers uncomplicated operation of three-phase voltage, current, frequency, watts, VAr, VA, energy kWh, power factor, min/max values and total harmonic distortion measurement of both current and voltage. Status of all parameters can be viewed through the screens on the 5-line, 3-digit LED display.

System Input:

Designed for all low and medium voltage switchgear and distribution systems, the DINtegra 1260 DMS offers programmable VT and CT ratio capability. Direct connection up to 300V ac with 5A CT inputs.

System Outputs/Inputs:

Pulsed Outputs

DINtegra 1260 DMS offers dual pulsed outputs. Each output can be user programmed to represent import or export kWh, import or export kVArh or kVAh. The output pulses are user programmable with pulse rate divisor (Opto-isolated, open collector type).

Digital Input

DINtegra digital metering system has 2 digital inputs which are used to monitor the status of electrical contacts.

Digital Communications:
S485 Modbus RTU

DINtegra 1260 digital metering systems offer an RS485 communication port for direct connection to SCADA systems using the modbus RTU protocol. Remote monitoring enables the user to record systems parameters in real time, using high resolution numbers.

Programmable Display:

The front panel interface via the set button enables the simple programming of VT and CT ratio settings, configuration of selected communication options and adjustment of operating parameters. To prevent unauthorised access to the product configuration settings, all set-up screens can be password protected.

Features of DINtegra 1260 digital metering system:

  • Din rail mounted
  • High contrast LED display
  • LED annunciators for each measured parameter
  • Fully programmable VT and CT ratios
  • Current demand per phase
  • Dual energy meter

Benefits of DINtegra 1260 digital metering system:

  • True rms measurement
  • Menu-driven interface
  • Import and export monitoring

Applications of DINtegra 1260 digital metering system:

  • Switchgear distribution systems
  • Control panels
  • Embedded generation
  • Energy management
  • Building management
  • Utility power monitoring
  • Process control
  • Motor monitoring

CT Accessories:

Crompton Instruments also offers a range of quality current transformers offering comprehensive measuring and protection class accuracies. The range offers a wide selection of system current ratings, busbar sizes, case widths, apertures and mounting options to every application.


  • Cost effective moulded case measuring current transformers
  • Limited range includes the six most popular sizes of current transformers
  • Ratio ratings from 50/5 to 4000/5
  • Comprehensive measurement of class accuracy
  • Wide range of system current ratings, busbar sizes, case widths and apertures
  • Wire sealable terminal covers
  • Feet mounting and busbar options

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