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Cement additives, roof coatings and flooring systems from Crommelin

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Crommelin  is a reputed manufacturer of quality cement additives. DAMPCO, a damp course additive from Crommelin, is mixed with cement mortar. DAMPCO is an efficient cement additive that prevents dampness in a wall by capillary action above the mortar level.

EFFLORESCENCE REMOVER, a mixture of inorganic acids from Crommelin, is used for cleaning efflorescence stained masonry substrates. It can also be used as a paving cleaner before sealing.

Crommelin supplies a complete range of roof coating systems designed to restore and rejuvenate different types of old roofs to their former or new colours. These coatings also help retain the look of lay tiles, metal, cement tile and asbestos. All the products offered by Crommelin are water based and can be applied easily.

The CROMSEAL Acrylic Roof Coating provided by Crommelin is specifically manufactured to seal and restore aged and old roofs. SUPERSEAL, compressible and impregnated polyurethane foam from Crommelin can joint large movements and stay permanently flexible. SUPERSEAL can also be used for metal roofing against vermin, dust, vibration, moisture and draughts.

Crommelin has a wide range of effective floor treatment systems that can be applied prior to or like a substitute to floor coverings. Some of the flooring systems offered by Crommelin include CROMFLOOR EPOXY GROUT 60C, CROMFLOOR PU 51 and many more. CROMFLOOR SAFECURE is a quick drying, transparent and water-based coating from Crommelin, it can harden and cure slabs or dust proofs concrete floors.

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