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eWon 2000 series available from CrispTech

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Remote access and control PLCs from across the room or across the world, for diagnostics, program change, data collection or monitoring. The eWon 2000 series provides all this through either the DF1 interface or via ethernet IP for all the standard AB PLCs including SLC5, PLC5, Micrologix and Logix families. Models available depending on preferred connection type, either dial up PSTN, ISDN or the GSM service.

eWon 2000 series gives you freedom to access your control systems independently from your SCADA system with standard Web interface that allows access from any networked PC using a standard web browser. Alternatively it can also be integrated into RS-Linx/RS-Logix for centralized PLC control.

eWon is a Rockwell encompass partner and offers sophisticated and comprehensive access solutions to the Allen Bradley PLC world.

eWon 2000 series is available from CrispTech .

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