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eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateways available from CrispTec

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eWON 500, available from CrispTech , is a Serial-to-Ethernet gateway for industrial applications. With its transparent gateway, eWON 500 interfaces any serial PLCs or any serial automation devices to Ethernet. This allows them to be connected to Ethernet platforms and software (OPC servers and workstations with PLC programming software) for data polling and/or maintenance.

eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateway also performs data acquisition from PLCs or automation devices in various protocols, including raw ASCII mode. Additionally, it provides an alarm management system.

eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateway is suitable for the following applications:

  • Ethernet connectivity for serial PLCs
  • Data acquisition for serial (ASCII) devices
  • PLC ModbusTCP interface
  • PLC SNMP agent
  • Web interface and email for PLCs

eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateway has the following features:

  • As a transparent gateway, eWON 500 is the link between serial devices or PLCs and the Ethernet LAN in a company allowing transparent access from any local workstation.
  • As a configurable gateway, eWON 500 polls serial PLCs or devices at defined intervals to feed its internal memory tags with live data. It then publishes this information on the LAN in Modbus/TCP and SNMP, making it available to higher end applications such as SCADA, Historian, OPC servers and ERPs.
  • As a programmable gateway, using scripts in BASIC language, eWON 500 interfaces any ASCII serial device, sending commands, decoding replies, feeding its memory tags with the values and making the equipment, the measurements and the events visible on the LAN in Modbus/TCP, SNMP or from any standard web browser.
  • Several alarm thresholds are available on each eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateway’s data tag, with individual settings for dead band and activation delays. eWON 500 Serial-to-Ethernet gateway manages the complete alarm cycle, including acknowledgements logging and triggers multiple actions on each alarm (SMS, email, SNMP traps and put FTP).

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