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eWON 2104/4104 industrial ADSL routers available from CrispTech

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eWON have unveiled their industrial ADSL router for secure broadband internet remote connectivity to machines and automation systems.

eWON have announced two new eWON modules, the eWON 2104 and eWON 4104 that are available from CrispTech . These two new additions to the eWON family is a solution to broadband industrial remote connectivity.

The eWON 2104 and eWON 4104 modules embed an ADSL 2/2+ modem as well as an optional built-in modem (PSTN or GPRS/EDGE) for use as a backup access.

Each device functions as a full IP router and transparent gateway, allowing remote access to both Ethernet and serial devices behind eWON.

By using Talk2M, remote authenticated users can access any eWON 2104/4104 device connected to the Internet using a fully bi-directional secure VPN link from their PC, while circumventing the complexity that exists with the availability of public IP addresses.

Seamlessly integrated with the PLC programming environment, eWON 2104/4104 monitors/industrial ADSL routers collect data into internal tags while PLC maintenance is performed. The eWON 2104/4104 industrial ADSL routers have Web and FTP servers embedded as well as an independent alarm management system.

Together with the eWON range of industrial modem-routers, Talk2M sheds new light on Internet remote access and maintenance, and is compliant with a range of serial or Ethernet based PLCs.

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