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UC-7420 front-end embedded computer available from CrispTech

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Visiting the doctor's office or staying in the hospital for an extended period of time can be a nerve-wracking experience and medical professionals are always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of patients under their care.

It is now commonplace for clinics and hospitals to be wired to the hilt and most locations take good advantage of the local network and the Internet to speed up the retrieval and updating of medical records.

In recent years, medical facilities have made further improvements by connecting testing and monitoring equipment to the network.

Routine and intensive care

One of the important duties of a nurse is to keep an eye on the status of patients and then react quickly when an emergency arises.

In the past, nurses made regular rounds of the ward by walking from room to room to administer medication, make sure that patients were resting comfortably and take blood pressure and temperature readings. One of the main problems they faced was not being able to watch all of the patients at the same time.

If patient B encountered an emergency situation while the nurse was caring for patient A, there was a good chance that patient B's change for the worse would go unnoticed.

The UC-7420, available from CrispTech , provides an economical way for nurses to monitor all patients in their ward at the same time.

Since the UC-7420 is small, it occupies less space and is unobtrusive.

The UC-7420 is used as a front-end embedded computer to collect data from the machines and monitoring equipment in the patient's room.

The data is then transferred to the nurse's station, so that the team on-duty can monitor the status of all patients at the same time.

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