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New Wide Temperature RTU Controllers for Mission-Critical Environments from CrispTech

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article image New Wide Temperature RTU Controller for Mission-Critical Environments

A new line of modular RTU controllers recently launched by Moxa is now available through CrispTech .  

Moxa’s new ioPAC-8020 modular RTU controllers are designed as an industrial-grade platform for data acquisition and monitoring applications in rough environments.  

Combining anti-vibration capabilities with a wide operating temperature, the modular RTU controllers create an ideal solution for applications such as rolling stock, wayside cabinet, roadside, environmental monitoring and train monitoring applications.  

Equipped with a powerful processor and a variety of interfaces, the ioPAC-8020 is a rugged RTU controller for front-end data acquisition and monitoring.  

The ioPAC-8020 provides access to timely and accurate mission-critical information and can be connected to fixed devices such as PLCs, smart meters and other serial devices.  

Two Ethernet switch ports in the modular RTU controllers allow system engineers to easily build control networks with open standards and daisy chain connectivity.  

Built-in power redundancy ensures non-stop data transfer to the controller and uninterrupted communications management on the control network.  

Durable M12 Ethernet connectors and spring-type terminal blocks deliver reliable operations in the high vibration environments of train-related applications.  

A key advantage of modular RTU controllers over conventional controllers is the wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C.  

The aluminium chassis aids superior fanless heat dissipation while the I/O modules are hot-swappable to avoid the inconvenience of extended downtime.

The intuitive Click&Go control logic allows systems engineers to quickly create powerful I/O configurations in just minutes using simple IF-THEN-ELSE statements.  

The rugged ioPAC-8020 RTUs deliver high system reliability and stability in harsh environments.  

Key features of ioPAC-8020 modular RTU controllers:

  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • -40ºC to 75ºC operating temperature range
  • Anti-vibration spring lock terminal block
  • Two LAN ports with M12 or RJ45 connectors for daisy chain connections
  • One RS-232/422/485 serial port
  • Dual VDC power inputs
  • Hot-swappable I/O modules
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Compliant with EN50155 railway standard
  • Available with DIN-Rail mounting kit

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