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New Moxa NPort S8455I-MM-SC Ethernet switch available from Crisptech

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article image New Moxa NPort S8455I-MM-SC

The new Moxa NPort S8455I-MM-SC is now available from Crisptech . The NPort S8455I-MM-SC is the first model in its NPort S8000 series, which combines an Ethernet switch and serial device server in a single solution with 2 fibre Ethernet ports, 3 Ethernet ports, and 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports.

The NPort S8455I-MM-SC’s design allows users to save cabinet space, and reduce overall power consumption and costs since there is no need to purchase separate switches and serial device server products.

The NPort S8455I-MM-SC is a suitable solution for traffic monitoring and control applications, with its compact size and all-in-one switch/device-server design. Renewable energy markets, such as solar power plants and wind farms, also benefit from the increased reliability and availability offered by the NPort S8455I-MM-SC's Ethernet redundancy function and ring topology support.

The NPort S8455I-MM-SC supports the complete array of NPort 5000 series device server functions. Network existing serial devices by connecting up to 4 serial devices through each of the 5 Ethernet ports, with only basic configuration required. Data transmission between the serial and Ethernet interfaces is bidirectional.

The NPort S8455I-MM-SC has a built-in function managed Ethernet switch that supports QoS, IGMP-snooping/GMRP, VLAN, Port Trunking, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, and IEEE 802.1X, which allows users to handle virtually any kind of application. Ethernet redundancy, which is used to increase the reliability and availability of the industrial Ethernet network, is provided by Moxa's Turbo Ring technology (recovery time <20ms) or RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1w/D).

It may be inconvenient to use one large ring for redundancy if the network devices are remote and spread out. The NPort S8455I-MM-SC's "Ring Coupling" feature solves this issue by connecting distributed devices into smaller, more manageable Turbo Rings that can still communicate with each other without a control line.

Following are the features of NPort S8455I-MM-SC:

  • UL508 safety
  • Serial, Ethernet, and fiber 3-way surge protection
  • Level 4 ESD protection
  • 2kV serial isolation

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