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Moxa and Crisptech launch OnCell central manager

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Moxa and Crisptech have launched OnCell central manager, a new software tool designed to provide efficient communication for remote site devices. With OnCell central manager, engineers can monitor and manage remote site devices from a host site, and get around the problem of managing remote site devices configured with a private IP. Features include device configuration, maintenance and monitoring, Telnet enabling and secure account settings.

The combination of OnCell central manager and Moxa's OnCell G3100 series of IP gateway products offers a suitable solution for the industrial cellular applications. This solution can provide both serial and Ethernet devices with access to the Internet over a cellular network.

Due to the limited number of public IP addresses available, the cellular service providers only offer private IP addresses for connecting mobile devices to the Internet. The problem this presents is that by their private IP addresses are hidden from the Internet as a whole. This means that a cellular device on a private network cannot be managed or accessed directly from a host PC outside that network.

OnCell central manger is installed on a machine configured with a public IP address, and then acts as a go-between between the cellular devices and general Internet devices. Since OnCell central manager can see both the cellular devices and Internet devices, users will be able to monitor and manage the cellular devices over the Internet.

An alternative way of dealing with this private IP problem is to use VPN technology. VPN solutions, however, involve more overhead since they need to encrypt data for security purposes. This can put a strain on cellular networks, since only limited bandwidth is available. Moxa's OnCell central manager offers a solution that saves valuable network bandwidth. By providing a central point of access to remote devices, OnCell central manager gives the user a set of remote monitoring functions by allowing the user to configure, manage, and control the devices over the Internet.

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