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IoLogik devices for remote monitoring and alarm applications from CrispTech

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The ioLogik E2214/E2242/E2262 devices from CrispTech are a part of the Active Ethernet I/O family and it provides multiple I/O combinations that are ideal for remote monitoring and alarm applications. The ioLogik E2214/E2242/E2262 all feature Moxa's patented Click and Go logic, which uses a simple and intuitive "If-Then" logic to configure events without need for programming. Instead of using the traditional passive polling structure, the ioLogik E2214/E2242/E2262's report by exception function sends an instant event message to the control room via TCP/UDP/e-mail/SNMP trap when user-defined I/O conditions have been satisfied. This feature conserves network bandwidth and makes local control easier as well.

The ioLogik E2214 is a stand-alone Active Ethernet I/O product with six digital inputs and six relay outputs. The ioLogik E2214 is designed to record the counts with its in-built relay outputs. It can be connected to digital switches, alarm lights, buzzers and warning sirens over Ethernet and IP-based networks. In the event of a power failure, the ioLogik E2214 records final counts before power is fully down, making it suitable for high voltage applications such as facility management, building automation, security systems, and home automation.

The ioLogik E2242 comes with 4 analog inputs and 12 configurable DIOs built-in. The I/O combination provided by the ioLogik E2242 allow one analog input channel to trigger up to three digital outputs, such as local high-high, high, and low alarms, without the use of a local PC or RTU. Furthermore, applications such as remote monitoring for fire, intrusion detection, power supply status, oil tanks can be done with a single analog and digital mix I/O module.

The ioLogik E2262 is an 8-thermocouple input and four digital output Active Ethernet I/O products that can be used to extend the length of the sensors' wiring by a factor of 10. For example, if the usual length of a J-Type sensor is 10 meters, but the ioLogik E2262 can accept 100 meters of J-Type TC wiring.

Furthermore, the ioLogik E2262 has two sets of cold junction compensation and digital filtering. Calibration, linearization and calculation are based on the devices traced by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and stored in the memory to eliminate these factors as a potential source of error. The ioLogik E2262's temperature module is also ideal for temperature applications like facility automation, HVAC, heating systems and boiler systems.

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