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Introducing a small new Optical Mouse, the Z-Nano

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Z-Nano is a small optical computer mouse around, measuring at a mere 42 x 21 x 17.65mm. Though small, Z-Nano performs all the functions of a normal mouse. Instead of using two fingers to click left and right buttons, users only need one now. All you need to do is to rock your finger forward or backwards like a see-saw, to click your left or right buttons. To scroll pages up and down your documents like a scroll-wheel, you can do the same thing by pressing the scroll buttons at the side of Z-Nano.

Z-Nano is carefully crafted to be uniquely small and ergonomic. As it uses laser light for tracking, it is able to work on a lot more surfaces, compared to a normal optical mouse. It also devises a simple yet effective way of managing wires by the clever use of a rare-earth magnet to hold the cable and optical mouse together. Furthermore, it comes with additional features like user-selectable resolution (dpi) and auto-scroll functions to enhance your surfing experience. All these combines to make Z-Nano a truly portable and unique optical mouse, and it is a dream come true for the highly mobile, notebook users. Z-Nano is indeed small in size, but big in functionality.

Z-Nano optical mouse has some unique features:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Works on more surfaces
  • User-selectable dpis
  • Easy cable management
  • Personalise with your own photo
  • Plug and play
  • Ultra-bright leds
  • Highly polished & transparent casing
  • Auto–scroll feature
Specs of Z-Nano optical mouse:
  • Extremely small laser optical mouse - 42 x 21 x 17.65mm • Personalizable with own photo. 
  • Ultra-bright indicator LEDs. 
  • hands-free automatic scroll.
Portability and ease of use:
  • USB Plug and Play 
  • Small & Handy 
  • Laser tracking technology 
  • Works on black, white and shiny surfaces.
  • Wire management using rare-earth magnet. 
  • Uses a medical-grade USB cable for greater reliability. 
  • Uses high quality tact-switches from Japan for better clicks.
High accuracy of Z-Nano optical mouse: 
  • Can track up to 1600 dots per inch (dpi) whereas a typical optical mouse tracks between 400 dpi and 800 dpi only. 
  • With ability to track higher dpi, sensitivity and accuracy is higher. 
  • Resolution (100 – 1600 dpi) can be selected to suit your needs. 
  • Easily trace the outline of any image with its unique pointer.

Z-Nano optical mouse is available from CrispTech .

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