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WEED Instrument’s EOTec range of rack or panel mount fibre optic PLC modems provide reliable communications between PLC devices, serial interfaces, and other fibre optic modems.

Specific versions, including self-healing ring options, are available for direct interface with the most common PLCs on the market. This modem has a modular format that makes system configuration easy.

The EOTec Series 6000 of fibre optic modems is compatible with the following PLCs: Allen Bradley; Modicon; Square D; GE Fanuc; TI/Siemens; Westinghouse; Reliance; and RS 232/422/485.

The other type of fibre optic modem is the Odyssey series, which plugs directly into the Allen-Bradley line of PLCs. This plug in module has the same functionality as the EOTec Series 6000 as well as the following additional features:

· In-Rack Design.

· Converts DH+ directly to fibre.

· Powered from PLC-5 backplane.

· Self healing ring (optional).

· Single mode/multi-mode converter versions (optional).

· Compatible with 6000 Series modems.

The Odyssey Series of modems offer the most versatile fibre optic solution for any PLC-5 system using DH+ or remote I/O.

Other features of the Odyssey Series include, switching the optical card from high power to low power, ability to switch between 3 different data rates with a single switch.

There are four basic configurations available. They are: Odyssey-P, point-to-point module with one optical port; Odyssey-D, daisy chain module, Odyssey-M with self-healing ring capabilities and Odyssey-S version in the single mode.

The Odyssey Series modem has three different optical PCBs available. They are the 850nm multi-mode, the 1300nm multi-mode, and the 1300nm single mode PCBs.

Any of the basic Odyssey modem configurations can be populated with any combination of optical PCBs. Crisp Technologies 07 3274 1600.

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