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CrispTech's Moxa SNMP-based I/O Solution Simplifies Home Automation

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Home automation is now more capable and easier to deploy than ever before thanks to SNMP-based solutions supplied by CrispTech .  

The Moxa ioLogik E2210 helped a European high-tech company deliver Internet-enabled home automation efficiently and effortlessly.  

Using the SNMP open protocol, the ioLogik E2210 delivers IT and IA interoperable communications with programming-free Click&Go front-end logic configuration.  

Active Ethernet I/O for Online Services  

The European company provides an integrated e-services platform that allows their customers to remotely monitor and control devices installed at their home or business facility.  

They selected Moxa’s Active Ethernet I/O products as their I/O servers to connect the installed sensors at the facility to online services that cover building safety, household management, energy management and building automation.  

SNMP-based Automation  

The ioLogik E2210 has abundant connectivity options in the form of 12 digital inputs as well as 8 digital outputs and includes built-in SNMP protocol support to make it easy to write software for the control system.  

The MXIO library includes VB, VC, BCB, .NET and C code to help programmers deploy their own software. For even easier deployment, Moxa’s Click&Go setup uses simple IF-THEN-ELSE statements that IT professionals without specialised training can quickly configure in just minutes.  

CGI Web-Accessible Monitoring  

The ioLogik E2210 is also capable of sending out user-defined CGI commands to control PTZ cameras and take snapshots triggered by an input or an event. With CGI Commands, users can access ioLogik devices via a web browser anytime, anywhere.  

IT-Friendly Development  

Home automation is an application that needs high information network interoperability and convergence between IT and IA.  

Moxa’s SNMP IT-friendly I/O allows system builders and IT professionals to easily access and use IA resources.  

With Moxa’s SNMP ioLogik, IT customers can easily integrate any connected sensors and devices onto the Ethernet backbone to expand their alarm and monitoring capabilities in many fields such as environmental monitoring, telecom, power and transportation.  

ioLogik E2210 Features

  • SNMP support for I/O alarm and monitoring
  • Event response with Click&Go
  • Logic Remote upgrade via Web, TFTP or ioAdmin


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