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CrispTech launches new isolated quad band OnCell industrial Modem

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article image Isolated Quad Band OnCell G2150I Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem

CrispTech has launched a new Isolated Quad Band OnCell G2150I Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem.

The OnCell G2150I from Moxa comes equipped with isolated RS-232 or RS-422/485 interfaces, making it ideal for building a remote cabinet or remote telemetry application in harsh environments.

The OnCell G2150I is designed especially for industrial grade demanding applications such as automatic meter reading, intelligent transportation system, information display panels, and environmental monitoring systems.

Cellular wireless infrastructure can dramatically reduce the total cost of Ownership compared to land line, PSTN or fibre optic communication systems.

The OnCell is an isolated quad-band GSM/GPRS modem that transmits data and short messages (SMS) over GSM/GPRS mobile networks. It can be used to improve the efficiency of maintenance and communication, independent of operating skill.

A major benefit of GSM technology is its support of short messages (SMS) for easy communication over the mobile network.

With Moxa's SMS tunnel mode, applications can be expanded and extra costs eliminated.

For example, SMS tunnel mode can be used to update the message on a highway display panel, place refill orders for vending machines, or even handle maintenance for remote rental equipment.

SMS tunnel mode is particularly suitable for devices that communicate infrequently or lack access to the local network. Moreover, SMS Tunnel Mode transparently converts both ASCII and binary data to short messages. The receiving OnCell G2150I unit automatically converts the short messages back to the original data.

The OnCell modem has a 12 to 48V DC power input, allowing different types of field power sources to be attached and the Industrial form factor means it can be either DIN-rail or wall mounted.

The serial ports are also protected by 2.5 KV isolation, so the system is safe from ground loop currents.

The OnCell modem also has separate RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces which have built-in 2.5 KV RMS isolation for one minute and 15 KV ESD surge protection.

The two serial interfaces make the OnCell G2150I ideal for attaching all kinds of devices, such as stand-alone controllers, PC COM ports, PLC or multi-dropped electric meters.

Key features:

  • Quad-band 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS
  • GPRS class 10
  • GSM circuit-switch data mode up to 14,400 bps
  • Separate RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial interfaces
  • 2.5 KV RMS isolation for 1 minute for all serial signals
  • 15 KV ESD surge protection
  • LED indicators for status, signal level
  • DIN-rail, wall mounting
  • SMS tunnel mode

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