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CrispTech introduces new Moxa ioLogic E1241 Remote Ethernet I O product

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CrispTech  now offer a new daisy-chained Ethernet I O concept. The ioLogik E1241 industrial remote Ethernet I O features two embedded Ethernet switch ports that enable information to flow to another local Ethernet device or connect to the next ioLogik in the daisy-chain.

Factory automation, security and surveillance systems, and tunnel monitoring applications can make use of daisy-chained Ethernet for building multi-drop I O networks over standard Ethernet cables. Many industrial automation users are familiar with the multi-drop configuration typically used in fieldbus applications.

The daisy-chain function on the remote Ethernet I O ioLogik E1241 increases the connection between machines and panels and lowers the cost of buying separate Ethernet switches, reducing labour fees and cabling by a large percentage. For example, if a production facility contains 700 stations (20 points per station); the wiring cost reduction can reach 15% of the total implementation cost.

Features and benefits of the Moxa ioLogic E1241 Remote Ethernet I O concept include: 

  • Built-in 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies 
  • Free support of Moxa’s push-based Active OPC Server Lite - Seamlessly connect to any SCADA system, save 80% on network bandwidth, and I O response that’s seven times faster 
  • User-defined Modbus/TCP addressing 
  • MXIO programming library for Windows and WinCE VB/VC.NET and Linux C APIs 
  • Web configuration with Import/Export function

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