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CrispTech introduces new Aviosys IP power 9258 HP Power Solution

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article image The IP Power 9258HP Power Solution

The IP Power 9258HP Power Solution features new designs in hardware, schematic, component changes, and new features, such as Ping Functionality, Telnet, Multi event scheduler, Mutilevel User Login, Blacklist Ability, and more.

This device provides a solution to remotely powering On / Off any device attached to it. Furthermore, with it's watchdog (autoping) technology, the 9258HP Power Solution automatically monitors devices and restarts them if they are not responding.

Features of IP Power 9258HP Power Solution:

  • Log capabilities to store device information and usage. 
  • Hardware Watchdog design to make sure devices are working properly
  • IP Blacklist capability to block unwanted IP Address.
  • CNT Technology – For quick and Easy setup, just plug and play
  • Control the On, Off, Reboot of up to 4 different power sources.
  • Built in Web Server Design, directly access Power Control from webpage.
  • Power scheduler and built in internal clock to enable daily, weekly, and monthly Power cycles
  • Auto Ping (Watch dog) capability to monitor devices
  • Self Auto Ping - Monitors 9258 WiFi to make sure device is working properly.
  • Each outlet name can be assigned by user and memorized on webpage.
  • Support HTTP CGI commands / Telnet Commands / RS232 inter control for easy for system integration
  • IP Service: Easily Find your device on the internet without having to remember complicated IP’s
  • Password Base64 encryption for internet protection.
  • IP Service - Search utility, to easy to find your IP Power on internet hassle free.
  • Http Command generator for integration
  • E-mail functionality for notifying user.

Hardware Specification for IP Power 9258HP Power Solution: 
  • Total Input power up to 15A/110V or 10A/240V 
  • Each Output: 6A/110V or 6A/240V 
  • Dimensions: 260 x 115 x 43 (L x W x H) 
  • Weight: 0.96kg 
The IP Power 9258HP Power Solution is available from CrispTech .

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