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6 kA single pole RCBO is offered by CrispTech

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Mack Electrical, a Taiwanese company manufacturing electrical control gear in China, has achieved a breakthrough in the design of RCBOs (Residual Current Breaker Operator). They have successfully designed and produced an RCBO, which is exactly the same size as a Single Pole MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) but still has a 6 kA rating. This achievement looks set to revolutionise the domestic and commercial circuit breaker markets.

It is nick named as the Super Safety Switch. Huge savings are afforded to both the new and retrofit market.

In a new installation, there is no longer a need to install a 2 or 4 pole safety switch as each Super Safety Switch offers earth leakage protection as well as being an over current circuit breaker. These features save the space required when designing a load centre, reduce wiring costs and bring down installation labour costs.

In the retrofit market, the Super Safety Switch saves time on installation. This can be as high as an 80% time saving when compared to installing and wiring a 2-pole safety switch. Additional savings occur by using the existing load centre.

The Super Safety Switch is the same size as the MCB it is replacing, so no additional space is required.

The Mack Electrical Super Safety Switch is available in 10, 16, 20, 25 and 32 Amp current ratings. It has a 6 kA interrupting capacity, 30 mA earth leakage trip setting as well as over voltage and surge protection. The switch is now available from any electrical wholesaler.

This is a timely introduction into the Australian market, as recent legislative changes concerning rental properties and wiring rules (AS/NZS3000-2007) modifications make it a   cost-effective alternative to the traditional 2 and 4 pole safety switches.

CrispTech , a Queensland owned and operated company with branches in both Sydney and Melbourne, has been appointed the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor of this unique device.

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