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Car security and home security services From Crimeguard International

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Crimeguard International  specialises in providing car security and home security services throughout Australia. Crimeguard International offers anti-theft protection services for vehicles and offers home security services for protecting household valuables and goods.

A professionally trained operator from Crimeguard International visits homes and places a unique identification code into a stencil. The code is then permanently etched by using compressed air and a high grade abrasive material. The code used for cars is the last seven digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN). Every window is etched and a ‘warning’ sticker highlights the Crimeguard International’s protection.

The vehicle identification number from Crimeguard International is permanent and visual and cannot be disarmed and deters criminals from stealing the vehicles. Crimeguard International provides Crimeguard Vehicle and Home Contents certificates. On failure of recovering stolen vehicles, Crimeguard International pays appropriate amount which generally covers the excess on most insurance policies. For household valuables that are marked with the CrimeGuard system, CrimeGuard International pays the required amount in the event of any burglary. CrimeGuard International pays the claims on only those contents that have the CrimeGuard mark.

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