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Waterjet intensifier from Cridland Automation

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Cridland Automation  offers high pressure waterjet intensifier for CNC tables and robot cutting installations. The waterjet intensifier consists of various features such as 37 kilowatt drive system, minimum cutting pressure pulsation with large high pressure accumulator and an automatic low and high pressure starting for piercing brittle materials. The waterjet intensifier has a water pretreatment via a softener, prefiltration and booster pump.

Waterjet intensifier from Cridland Automation has an inbuilt electrical control touch panel which is complete with interface electrical wiring for integration to robots or CNC table controllers through onboard PLC. The waterjet intensifier includes operator safety features such as emergency stop button and interlocks, high pressure dump valve and over pressure rupture discs. Equipment safety features include low oil and oil over temperature shutdown. The waterjet intensifier is portable and simple to install.

Cridland Automation offers waterjet cutting systems that are used for cutting sheet metal, stainless and tool steels, rubber, marble, granite, glass, bullet proof glass, tiles, brass, copper, fibreglass spas, carpets plastics, timbers, leathers and most other materials up to 100 millimetres in thickness. Cridland Automation offers a wide range of high pressure equipment and a complete range of spare parts for most waterjet cutting intensifiers.

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