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Waterjet cutting components from Cridland Automation

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Cridland Automation  offers a wide range of spare parts for waterjet cutting systems and waterjet cutting intensifiers. Waterjet components include high pressure tubing, fittings, elbows, tees, glands and collars, reducers, coupling, anti vibration gland and collar.

Cridland Automation supplies high pressure tubing whose tensile strength is 40% higher than that of annealed tubing. The tubing is manufactured under strict conditions to ensure tolerances and bore quality and is available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel, in 20 feet lengths or cut to size. Coning, threading and coils are also available.

Cridland Automation offers waterjet cutting components such as Tee type safety head, inline filters, pressure gauges, threading and coning tools. Cridland Automation supplies other types of components such as pneumatically N. O. operated dump valves, accumulators for pulsation minimisation or straight replacement and other fittings including swivel joints, bulkhead couplings, plugs and check valves, manual isolation valves and tubing nipples.

Cridland Automation also specialises in designing and manufacturing a wide range of waterjet cutting systems that are used for cutting sheet metal, stainless and tool steels. Cridland Automation is a licensed distributor for SigmaNEST Offline Nesting Software, Australian and New Zealand distributor for HIP.

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