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Portable milling machines and cranes from Crib Point Engineering

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Crib Point Engineering , established in 1964, is a multi faceted company which specialises in design, manufacture, marine, services, heavy lifting and automation equipment. Crib Point Engineering handles all types of control systems ranging from small precision high production equipment through to large structures with sophisticated control systems.

Crib Point Engineering also specialises in on site milling and machining of large items of mechanical plant. Portable milling machine from Crib Point Engineering has an 8 metre wide bridge type gantry which supports a CNC milling machine. The milling machine can be mobilised anywhere to perform on site milling of major plant items for upgrading or retro-fitting purposes. In addition to on site capability, Crib Point Engineering also offers large capacity lathes, vertical boring and milling machines.

Special purpose machinery from Crib Point Engineering includes hydraulic driven deck mounted cranes. Deck mounted cranes are used as vertical lifting platform for removing boats and barges from the water. The units have a Safe Work Load of 12 tonnes and are compact for tight yards which are built directly over the water.

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