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Fujitsu Microelectronics releases two new controller LSIs
12.11.2007 - Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia has developed two new controller LSIs, the MB88388A and MB88389, which support the IDB-1394 standard for in-vehicle multimedia networks.
CMOS 14bit DAC from Crest Technologies
30.05.2007 - Fujitsu’s new MB86065 distributed by Crest Technologies is a 1.3 GSps device that is a fast CMOS 14bit DAC.
2Mbit FRAM chips for high-speed data writing from Crest Technologies
29.05.2007 - Fujitsu distributed by Crest Technologies, has unveiled its two new 2Mbit ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) chips, the industry's high capacity FRAMs, which are now in volume production.
32-bit CPU and graphics engine from Crest Technologies
28.05.2007 - Fujitsu distributed by Crest Technologies, has developed a 32-bit CPU and graphics engine on a single chip, the MB86R01 Jade.
32bit RISC-based MCU for automotive/industrial applications from Crest Technologies
24.05.2007 - Fujitsu distributed by Crest Technologies, has expanded its family of 32bit RISC-based MCUs with the new MB91F467B.
Embedded fingerprint matching modules
04.07.2005 - FUJITSU is offering an embedded fingerprint matching module, allowing OEMs and system integrators to quickly incorporate biometric security into a broad range of embedded security and controlled access applications.
Simple network application platform
04.07.2005 - IMSYS Technologies has introduced a standalone embedded Java module called SNAP - simple network application platform. It allows for quick prototyping and production when time to market is critical, and is suitable for remote control, data processing
Hybrid Ethernet and Metro ADM chip
04.05.2005 - FUJITSU Microelectronics, represented in Australia by Crest Technologies, has released an ETHOS (ETHernet Over SDH/SONET) device for full-rate Gigabit Ethernet and E1/DS1 access in Metro and Access networks.
Non-intrusive biometric recognition
11.05.2004 - Japanese electronics company Fujitsu has developed a fingerprint sensor which is capacitive based. The company claims that its stable operation, low power consumption and physical compactness make it more attractive than conventional optical sensors.
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