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Embedded fingerprint matching modules

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article image Reduce OEM development time.

FUJITSU is offering an embedded fingerprint matching module, allowing OEMs and system integrators to quickly incorporate biometric security into a broad range of embedded security and controlled access applications.

Available from Crest Technologies , the fingerprint modules are designed specifically to reduce OEM development time and technical support requirements, and to ensure faster deployment.

The module incorporates a Fujitsu MBF200 fingerprint sensor, together with a customisable 32-bit processor, all in a compact 35mm x 55mm integrated package.

All biometric processing and matching functions resides in silicon, resulting in match times of one to two seconds. Power requirements are typically 75 milliamps, enabling the system to operate on two AA batteries for up to a year under typical home-use conditions.

The fingerprint module uses a proven fingerprint extraction algorithm. With false rejection rates of less than 0.1%, and false acceptance rates of less than 0.01%, it makes it ideal for applications such as home and hotel room safes, medical cabinets, safe deposit boxes, storage lockers and many other commercial and personal uses.

The modules can operate stand-alone or networked for centralized template management, via UART or wireless interfaces. Additionally, the modules contain general purpose I/Os to allow control of solenoids or stepper motors.

Other capabilities include encrypted communications for trusted access, with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) functionality.

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