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Visgage viscosity meter available from Particle Test

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Visgage handheld viscosity meter, available from Particle Test , checks oil viscosity on-site without using thermometers or stop watches.

The Visgage viscosity meter can be used to check any oil from light spindle oils to heavy gear oils.

Regular users of the Visgage viscosity meter include industries such as railroads, truck and bus lines, marine fleets, power plants, laboratories and oil distributors.

The Visgage viscosity meter aids in a used-oil analysis programme. It can assure quality control in verifying oil viscosity.

The Visgage viscosity meter has the following benefits:

  • Tests viscosity before taking delivery of incoming lubricant stock
  • Determines fuel or coolant dilution in diesel engine crankcase oils
  • Determines viscosity of miscellaneous lubricant inventory
  • Verifies desired viscosity when blending bulk oils

The operation principle of the Visgage viscosity meter is based on comparing the viscosity of a sample of oil with an oil of known viscosity.

The viscosity reading is made directly in either Centistokes at 40°C, or Saybolt Universal Seconds at 100°F at room temperature. No calculations are necessary. The Visgage viscosity meter can provide accurate results.

The Visgage viscosity meter is used for better accuracy and easy operation. It is a suitable tool for obtaining immediate test results.

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