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SpectroLNF Q300 particle analysis equipment from Particle Test

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Particle Test supplies the SpectroLNF Q200 particle analysis equipment, designed to assist in predictive maintenance by measuring the number and size of particles within asset systems.

Predictive maintenance practices identify the type of wear that is generated by a piece of machinery in addition to the severity.

The SpectroLNFQ200 assists in understanding this severity, and is now capable of providing a direct measurement of dynamic viscosity as well.

SpectroLNF Q200 particle analysis equipment is capable of:

  • analysis of used and clean oils and reporting of trends of particles by quantity, size and type
  • particle classification on wear types such as fatigue, sliding, non-metallic and cutting wear
  • identifying fibers and reporting free water present in ppm
  • reporting soot content
  • reporting of dynamic viscosity of ISO 15 to ISO 320 grade oil at 40_C; and
  • automatically established alarm limits through a dynamic equilibrium calculation.
The SpectroLNF Q200 can analyse traditionally more difficult dark fluids such as engine oils, and particle shape classification enhances determinations as to whether equipment is working properly or if maintenance is required.

Viscosity, free water, and soot measurements made by the particle analysis equipment provide a lubricant condition analysis to ensure that oil is lubricating properly.

Wear classification and particle count features aid in early detection of improper wear trends due to excessive wear.

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