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Rapid Flash Point Tester available from Particle Test

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Rapid Flash Point Tester, available from Particle Test , provides rapid determinations of a flash point or sustained burning qualities by using a small sample.

A flash/no flash point test result is achieved in one minute for flash points below 212°F (100°C) with a 2mL sample.

The Rapid Flash Point tester is suitable for quality assurance and environmental compliance testing along with actual flash point for paints, fragrances, hydrocarbons and other liquids.

Open cup models are used for determining sustained burning qualities, characteristics of mixtures of flammable and nonflammable liquids or liquids with widely different flash points when assessing flammability characteristics. The Rapid Flash Point tester features semi-automatic operation for flash/no flash tests.

The operator has to set the test temperature on the digital display and inject a 2mL or 4mL sample into the sample cup. The Rapid Flash Point tester quickly stabilises itself at the desired value, permitting the operator to apply test flame and observe the result.

The unit also performs conventional determinations of actual flash temperature by the small scale closed tester method.

The Rapid Flash Point tester is available in two models. The Closed Cup model is for routine flash point tests in the range from –30° to +300°C.

The Open-Cup model is for sustained burning tests in the range from ambient to 100°C. Both models include automatic temperature control with °C/°F selector switch, syringe, electronic timer, integral NIST traceable thermometer, and an external hose adapter valve for connection to a customer-supplied fuel cylinder or other fuel source.

The Rapid Flash Point tester has the following benefits:

  • Conforms to ASTM D3278, D3828, D4206; DOT CFR 49-173.115; IATA; ISO 9038 and related specifications
  • One minute test with a 2mL sample
  • Simple to operate

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