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Portable oil contamination monitoring from Particle Test

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Affordable and portable oil contamination monitors are now available from Particle Test .

The PAMAS S50 is a small, portable workshop or field tool that can be used to measure the oil cleanliness or oil contamination and report the ISO code of your compartment.

The PAMAS S50 can be connected directly to a high pressure port to measure your oil contamination; this avoids the operator having to take a bottle sample. If the sample needs to run from a low pressure situation or bottle the PAMAS S50 is also capable of this.

The PAMAS S50’s is also a useful tool of the measure of oil cleanliness during oil filtration. With the PAMAS S50 the operator now can check the oil cleanliness in real-time, and can filter the oil until the required ISO code is achieved.

This avoids expensive machine time in filtering oil longer than need and at the same time gives the operator and customer confidence the oil cleanliness is met; important in maintaining warranties.

Another important feature of portable particle counters or oil contamination monitors is the ability to analysis high viscosities. The PAMAS S50 can measure viscosity up to a massive 1000 cSt. This is possible due to the PAMAS S50’s unique sensor design.

The PAMAS S50 is capable of measuring oil contamination in systems with pressures of 0 bar through to 400 bar.

Oil contamination is a fast growing area in the field of predictive maintenance. The ability to get on-site results will increase mechanical reliability.

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