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On-line particle counter Water quality control measurements from Particle Test

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article image PAMAS WaterViewer from Particle Test

The PAMAS WaterViewer from Particle Test   is more than just a particle counter, it is in fact, a particle measurement system with built-In sensor, flow control, and sampling system that detects and sizes particles, and can be integrated into nearly any type of measurement system that includes analogue or digital signalling.

This new particle counter can automatically respond to out of limit conditions,such as change measurement routines in respect of measurement results already obtained. This ability provides a previously unheard of flexibility in use and is the best solution for water quality measurements available to customers today.  

The volumetric cell design presented by the PAMAS sensors guarantees highest accuracy, resolution, and best statistics. A single spherical particle of 1 micron in diameter has a volume of 5.236 x 10-13 ml. A single 1 micron particle detected per millilitre therefore is 0.5236 ppt (parts per trillion). PAMAS particle counters even can measure much lower concentrations, starting from zero.  

The following are some of the standard features of the PAMAS WaterViewer:
• Programming capabilities make the system as versatile as a PLC
• True single particle counting
• Fully automated operation
• RS-422 serial communication port
• Standard size range: 1 - 200 μm (800 μm)
• Particle concentrations from 0 up to 200,000 p/ml
• Different dynamic range sensors available
• System easily connected to analogue and digital devices

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