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New used oil analysis spectrometer from Particle Test

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article image Spectroil M/C-W

The Spectroil M/C-W is a compact, rugged, transportable and easy to use spectrometer designed specifically for the wear metal analysis of used oil samples. It measures trace quantities of elements dissolved or suspended as fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum based products using the time-tested and reliable rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique.

The Spectroil M/C-W has the capability to analyse all the wear metals, contaminants and additives typically found in used oil samples. The Spectroil M/C-W was designed specifically for the wear metal analysis of used oil and is equally at home in the laboratory or on-site where immediate oil analysis results can be vital and sample turnaround time is crucial

The Spectroil M/C-W has become the standard instrument at most commercial used oil

analysis laboratories and machine condition monitoring programs that require the rapid analysis of wear metals, contaminants and additives in lubricants. It fulfills the requirements of ASTM D6595 Standard Method for Determination of Wear Metals and Contaminants in Used Lubricating Oils or Hydraulic Fluids by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.

The Spectroil M/C-W continues to be the ideal used oil analysis spectrometer for commercial applications because technology has made it smaller, faster, more stable, more accurate and easier to operate with new capabilities and enhanced performance.

Optional accessories include the D2R2 (Double Disc Rapid Robot) robotic system for automatic and unattended operation and the A-RFS (Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy) system for the analysis of large par­ticles. Additional capabilities to analyse engine coolants and sulfur in oil are also available as options. Other versions of the Spectroil include the Spectroil M/N-W for military used oil analysis and the Spectroil M/F-W for gas turbine and diesel engine fuel analysis. The product is available from Particle Test .

Typical Applications include;

  • Commercial laboratories
  • Oil companies
  • Railroads
  • Airlines
  • Public transportation companies
  • Electric power generation companies
  • Mines
  • Refineries
  • Construction equipment dealers
  • Chemical processors
  • Steel mills
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Marine fleets
  • Military
  • Formula 1 racing teams

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