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Koehler automatic distillation analysers available from Particle Test

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article image Koehler automatic distillation analysers are available from Particle Test

Now available from Particle Test , the Koehler automatic distillation analyser is designed to perform optimal distillation analyses on volatile products to ensure conformity to rigid quality control standards.

Suitable for the analysis of gasolines, fuels, oils, solvents, aromatics, napthas, kerosenes, hydrocarbons, and other volatile products these automatic distillation analysers perform tests, process results, and produce standard reports according to ASTM, ISO, DIN and related international test specifications.

Each Koehler automatic distillation analysis unit is provided as standard with the equipment, accessories, and features required to properly run distillation groups 0 to 4 per ASTM D86 and related test specifications.

The Windows-based software package used by these distillation units allows simple operator selection of the programmed settings for each distillation protocol. There are no complicated routines to setup the unit, and user-defined programs are easily created for customisation of the distillation analyser.

Dry point can be detected visually or by automatic detection for ASTM D850 and D1078 test methods. The Koehler automatic distillation analyser is delivered with the PC board components already included as standard to perform the dry point analysis.

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