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Koehler Automated Colorimeter from Particle Test

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Now available from Particle Test , the Koehler Automated Colorimeter is a microprocessor controlled spectrophotometer with a wavelength range from 380 to 720 nm for color measurement, or 320 nm up to 1100 nm for routine analysis.

The Koehler Automated Colorimeter is able to carry out an exact colorimetric evaluation in a single measurement that conforms with several ISO/ASTM standards. It then displays the result in terms of traditional color systems such as Iodine, Hazen/APHA or Gardner color numbers, as well as in modern CIE-L*a*b* color values.

Besides the 20 plus color indexes, transmittance and absorbance can be measured at individual wavelengths so that this spectrophotometer can be used universally in laboratories for analytical purposes.

The Koehler Automated Colorimeter is has a range of features, including:

  • touch-screen TFT-color display
  • automatic cuvette recognition
  • automatic zero calibration program
  • reference beam technology and password protection
  • GLP documentation

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