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FluidScan maintenance monitor available from Particle Test

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FluidScan, available from Particle Test , can be used to check the condition of lubricants such as hydraulic fluids, engine oils, turbine oils and gear oils for degradation and the presence of contaminants.

FluidScan is a handheld condition based maintenance monitor that protects machinery by determining when a lubricant needs to be changed due to excessive contamination or degradation.

Its detection capabilities can determine lubrication contamination, degradation and cross-contamination at the point of use by measuring oil condition parameters in both synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants and fluids.

The FluidScan maintenance monitor can determine TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion, incorrect lubricant, water, glycol, soot and glycerine and FAME in Biodiesels.

The FluidScan maintenance monitor features advanced design and technology, and its capabilities include:

  • Standard infrared analysis.
  • Ability to measure TAN and TBN with better correlation and is an alternative to titration laboratory methods.
  • Multivariate calibrations are applied, so that quantitative readings can be obtained with complex contaminated samples.

Particle Test’s research, development and application group has produced a library of spectra from a database of used lubricants and chemometric techniques to automatically subtract the presence of interferants. The result is better accuracy and quantitative analytical data.

Spectra matching software is used to create the best possible correlation of unknown samples with different families of lubricants already in the FluidScan’s memory. Support from applications group is available to create spectra if no perfect match is found.

The patent pending flip-top cell design allows for reliable and fast results. The cell design eliminates the problem of fringing effects found in conventional cells.

The patent pending flip-top cell is capable of analysing greases, eliminating the need of ATR cells. The design offers an alternative to ATR with better limits of detection, lower noise and improved repeatability.

The FluidScan maintenance monitor can determine glycerin, TAN, FAME and water for biodiesel fuels. The FluidScan Monitoring Manager database software can be used to synchronise the FluidScan with a personal computer to archive, trend and report results. Default alarm limits for analytical results are included to provide warnings of impending problems. Default alarm limits can be customised and modified to represent local equipment usage and trends.

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