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Dropping Point Apparatus from Particle Test

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Dropping Point Apparatus from Particle Test conform to ASTM D566, D4950 and related specifications. They are used for dropping point determinations on lubricating greases at temperatures up to 288°C.

The Dropping Point test and measurement apparatus consist of a dropping point cup, a test cell with accessories and oil bath with stirrer and heater. The Test cell is immersed in a 400ml Pyrex bath for heating at the prescribed rate.

A 750W variable stepless control heater and 1⁄40hp stirrer permit accurate, uniform control of bath temperature rate of rise. The heater assembly includes refractory top plate and reference dial.

The measurements gained by the Dropping Point Apparatus are used for identification and quality control. They can also indicate the highest temperature of utility for a number of applications.

A high temperature heat transfer fluid having a flash point in excess of 400°C is recommended for the Dropping Point Apparatus.

The Dimensions of the Dropping Point Apparatus are 13cm x 13cm x 78cm and the net weight is 5.0kg. Shipping Weight is 7.3kg.

Accessories included with the Dropping Point Apparatus:

  • Grease Cup, chromium plated brass
  • Test Tube with indentations
  • Thermometer Depth Gauge
  • Polished Metal Rod
  • Connecting Hardware
  • Cork Ring Guide
  • Two Thermometer Corks

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